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2009 30 Sep

        Are you really deeply fed up with the job, or is this just a short-term reaction to not getting the pay rise or promotion you want? If the dissatisfaction goes deep, it may well be time to change. If, for example, you don’t get on with the people, or you find the organization over-political […]


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2009 29 Sep

       So now you’ve set aside time for creating successes, what exactly are you going to do with it? You’ve got to decide what sort of successes you want to generate. And the most valuable ones are the ones that help you to achieve your core objective. And what is your core objective? You should […]


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2009 28 Sep

       This pay rise thing has a basic component you need to be aware of from the start: there isn’t a specific point you have to reach before you ask for a rise. You can ask now if think you’re being undervalued at the moment. Or you can spend a couple of months increasing your […]


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